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UgLy McGlade - Lead Vox / Trumpet / Tenor Saxophone


UgLy McGlade has been hiding from the public eye recently. We found him at the local Polish market vending meats and wearing a wig. When asked why he’d been laying low he exclaimed, “the fans wont leave me alone!”  When we contacted the fans they commented “We don’t care that much. It’s his grandmother that wont leave him alone.”

Joe O'Connell - Guitar / Vox

Joe O'Connell recently joined the Sons, getting adopted after being found hungry and well-dressed on the shoulder of the Cross Bronx Expressway. In addition to guitar and drums, Joe enjoys playing with people's hopes and dreams. He is mostly biding time until hair metal makes its triumphant return.

Pete Von Erickson - Doghouse Bass

Although Peter ‘Von’ Erickson has been acquitted, he remains on the fence about violence. Keeping mostly to himself and his wife, he enjoys building torture devices and making vegan pizzas in his self-made brick oven. Although he splits his time between New York and Algeria, Pete finds just enough time to be bored to tears with the band.

D.W. Friend - Percussion / Vox

D.W. Friend is accredited with inventing the “zine” and rainbow bagels. His friends are proud to say that his drums are louder and smaller than any they know of. Back in 1986, when D.W. joined the band, he swore it would be temporary. Dream on, pal.

David Engelhard - Tenor Saxophone / Guitar

“Safety Always,” says David Engelhard. Ever since David recorded with The Sons back in 2015, there have not been any accidents during a session.  Additionally, David has been working on his full-time career as a lyricist and publicist. He also enjoys being a romanticist and exorcist.

Dan Jordan - Baritone Trombone

On a rainy April 4th night behind a Pizza Hut in the rural tundra of Upstate New York, Daniel Jordan rose to meet the world... From there on, who really gives a shit.  He plays bass trombone and lives in NYC.  He gigs a bit, teaches a bit, and never lets the bastards get him down. 

Charles Aceto - Founder

Amongst his wartime accolades, General Charles ‘Chedda’ Aceto is attributed with becoming the the first successful guitarist of Fright Barker and Sons. He has also gained notoriety in the fields of children's songwriting and therapeutic elderly fanfare. Since Charles is rich beyond his wildest dreams, he enjoys playing as few gigs with the Sons as possible.

Rotating Sons

'The Angel ' Greg DeAngelis - Tenor Trombone

Gabe Richardson - Tenor Saxophone

Mike O’Neal - Tenor Saxophone
Becca Paterson - Baritone Trombone

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